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Police Scotland Entrance TEST on a white table with pencil

Police Scotland Entrance Test (PSET) 2024

Police Scotland Entrance TEST on a white table with pencil

After you’ve submitted the application form and are accepted, you’ll be invited to take part in what’s called the Police Scotland Entrance Test (PSET). The PSET is undertaken in an assessment centre within the division you are applying to.

This article covers all the essential information you need to understand, prepare for, and successfully pass the standard entrance test. This stage of the recruitment process is usually conducted on the same day as the fitness test.

The test is typically taken at the local police headquarters. To advance to the next phase of the recruitment process, candidates must pass all three stages of the evaluation. As a result, thorough preparation for this assessment is crucial for success.

We always recommend in practising the test beforehand. The test is written in a style that not many people have seen before. You can get 4 test papers to practice here. Practice, practice, practice!

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The PSET is a single paper comprised of three subjects:

  • Language
  • Numbers
  • Information Handling

Police Scotland Entrance Test

The Police Scotland Entrance Test is now 1 exam paper which covers 3 main areas: Language, Numbers and Information Handling. The test is 60 minutes and you will answer 49 questions. You will need to pass all 3 sections in order to pass the exam. The test is multiple choice. You will be given an exam paper and an answer sheet, the answer sheet will consist of empty boxes, where you will mark with a cross to indicate your answer.

How To Pass the Police Scotland Entrance Test

To pass the entire Police Scotland Entrance Test, it is necessary to pass all three parts of the exam. All divisions of Police Scotland utilise the PSET, and no matter which division you’re applying to, you’ll need to pass it to progress in your recruitment. Police Scotland is generous to applicants, giving you three seperate chances to pass. However, many applicants fail the numerical section, so it is essential to revise for the test beforehand.

To help you with this test, we have broken down the subjects below. Let’s begin by going through the language section.

The Sections Of The Police Scotland Entrance Test

Language Questions

The language portion in the PSET will assess you in things such as punctuation, grammar, spelling and comprehension of sentence structure. Writing skills are incredibly crucial when you are an officer, so Police Scotland wants to ensure you are up to scratch before recruiting you. The language portion of the test is comprised of the following:

Section 1

Section 1 is an introductory, grammar-based section. It’s worth 12 marks and includes questions focusing on spelling verbs, tenses, conjunctions, prepositions, pronouns and prepositions and comparatives, and vocabulary.

Section 2

Section 2 tests your reading comprehension abilities and comprehension of grammar. You’ll receive a passage and will be asked to choose 12 from 17 words to fill in any gaps in the text. The section itself will be worth 12 marks.

Section 3

Section 3 can be pretty difficult. In this section, you’ll receive four sentences that are jumbled up, and you’ll have to figure out the proper order of the words. Again, these sentences are designed to be difficult, and it’s essential to stay focused, and calm and not be worried if you are confused at first.

Numbers Questions

The next section of the PSET test is a mathematical test. This is the part in which most applicants fail. If you’re not familiar with maths, or you haven’t practised it in a while, you’ll struggle with this section of the exam.

This is why it is essential to practice before the test. It is not permitted to use a calculator in this test. During this section, one of the main things to remember is to include symbols in your answers, as many recruits forgot to.

For instance, if the question asks you to put money amounts and you don’t add the £ character for your answer, you won’t receive the mark. The same applies to elements like percentages.

Information Handling Questions

The third component of the PSET is the Information Handling assessment. Alongside the numbers, this section of the exam that applicants typically find to be the most difficult, and many people fail in this area.

There are many reasons this test is tough, but the most common is that the test style is one that many people aren’t used to. There will be lots of charts and tables, and you must answer questions based on the information.

Although the test is challenging, you can prepare for it.

To pass the Information Handling test, it is necessary to get at least 16 points from 24. There are two types of questions in this test such as observation questions and calculation questions.

People generally discover that observation questions are more straightforward than calculations; however, you must concentrate your efforts equally on both areas.

Preparation tips for the Exam

In order to perform on the Police Scotland Entrance Test, it’s essential to follow a few general test preparation tips. First, set aside dedicated time each day to study and practice for the exam, ensuring you have a consistent routine that allows you to focus on the questions.

Next, take an honest look at your strengths and weaknesses within the three sections of the test – language, numbers, and information handling – so that you can tailor your preparation accordingly. Make sure to spend more time on areas where you need improvement while maintaining proficiency in your stronger areas. We recommend using Youtube to help with the style of questions and maths equations.

Finally, getting adequate rest before the test is crucial for optimal cognitive function and mental clarity. Aim for at least seven hours of sleep the night before the exam to ensure you’re well-rested and ready to perform at your best.

Police Scotland Entrance Test FAQS

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