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3-In-1 Recruitment Guide


Includes Practice exam papers, Fitness Guide and Recruitment Guide. Everything you need for the Police Scotland recruitment process.

  • All 3 of our best-selling Police Scotland guides
  • Instant Download
  • Practice papers made alongside the Police
  • Loved by fellow recruits

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We have years of experience in Policing, with the founder of Join the cops being an ex-detective. All of our writers are either ex-officers or have worked in a policing role. We only recommend products which will truly help in your policing role.

About Join The Cops

Hey there! I used to be a detective in Edinburgh, working with the police on some pretty serious cases.

I loved my job, but then something else cool came up, so I switched paths. I noticed a lot of young folks like you had tons of questions about joining the police but didn’t know where to get answers. So, I made this website!

Think of it as your go-to guide for everything about becoming a police officer in Scotland.

I’ve got tips, stories, and advice—all from my own time with the police.

And hey, I really want to hear from you! If you have questions, thoughts, or just want to chat about the stuff on this site, hit me up. Let’s talk!

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