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Police officers in uniform standing

Is Being A Police Officer Dangerous?

Police officers in uniform standing

Being a police officer is not an easy job. They put their lives on the line every day to make sure that people are safe, and they risk their lives to protect the public. It is important for people to understand how dangerous it is being a police officer. In this article we will discuss some of the risks that you take when you decide to pursue this career path

How dangerous is being A Police Officer

Policing is a dangerous occupation and there’s no other way to put it, unfortunately. It is completely normal to have second thoughts and have concerns about your safety whilst on duty.

Are you going to be assaulted whilst on duty? Probably, there is a possibility it could be dangerous or even life-threatening, these incidents are luckily far and few between. The media downplays Police assaults, and a recent stat said an officer is assaulted every 20 minutes in the UK. This is anywhere from being spat at from being assaulted by a weapon.

It’s okay to be nervous about being assaulted, and it’s important to always consider it when you go to any job, I would be concerned if you weren’t thinking about your own safety. Assaults are unfortunately and sadly part of the job. Funnily enough, people don’t always like being arrested but the risks of being assaulted whilst on duty are always there. Your colleagues will have your back at incidents and someone will always come to help if you request assistance.

Recently there have been Police officers who have died whilst in the line of duty, these really bring home the truth about your safety on duty and the importance of getting home in one piece. There has been an overall increase of assaults on officers since 2015 showing the job is getting more dangerous as officers encounter increasingly violent people and with current budget cuts.

Police Driving Dangers

When you are not being assaulted the aspect of response driving can be dangerous. You drive at high speeds to get to the scene of a crime, and without warning you need to turn off in traffic. This is when officers can be injured by other vehicles on the road. Officers are required in their job role to make split second decisions which is not always easy especially if it is dark or raining heavily where visibility is reduced dramatically. Driving a Police car on blue lights can increase your stress levels and takes a high level of concentration. Many officers overlook this aspect as potentially dangerous.

Exposure to diseases or chemicals

Being a police officer means that you are generally a first responder to critical incidents which could expose you to nasty chemicals or diseases . It is important to be aware of this and remember that there is always a chance you could come into contact with something dangerous. Officers have been known to contract things such as Hepatitis from being exposed to bodily fluids or even contracting an illness due to exposure which is completely out of their control. It is extremely important to be aware of these hazards and try to be as safe as possible.

Mental impact

One of the biggest dangers of being a Police officer is the mental impact it can have on you. It is not easy to deal with the things that officers are faced with daily, and this is why Police welfare is so important. The mental health of an officer after critical incidents is extremely important these days due to increased awareness about PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). Officers may suffer from depression or anxiety which could be as a result of the job and is completely normal after such incidents.

Officers can suffer from PTSD as well as other illnesses or injuries which is why it is so important to have support around you at all times, especially if things begin to impact your mental health in any way shape or form. You will be supported 100% throughout this process and there is no need to suffer alone.

It is a challenging job and can be dangerous, but you will never feel more alive or proud of yourself as when you serve the public in their times of need!


The Police is a dangerous job. But it is also one of the most honourable and rewarding jobs you can do, with every day, providing new opportunities to make someone’s life better or safer. You will encounter danger at work, but that is part of what makes this job so special. If you want to be able to help people in their time of need, then policing may just be for you! Read about how the Police can track your phone here.

Tom Brook

Tom Brook

I am a former Police Detective with years of knowledge and experience in investigating serious crimes across Scotland, working with communities and keeping the public safe. I aim to give back to the Policing community with this site!
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