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Police fitness test

How to Prepare for a Police Fitness Test: Tips and Strategies

Police fitness test

The Police Fitness Test is the ultimate measure of your physical fitness and ability to perform as an officer. To be successful, you need to train for it! So what should you do? How much time should you spend training? What exercises can help improve your performance on the test? This post will answer those questions and give you tips and strategies that will help ensure success on this important day.

Police fitness test preperation

The importance of the police fitness test

It is important to understand that the Police Fitness Test isn’t just a test you pass or fail. It plays an essential role in your career as an officer and can also be used to determine whether you are physically fit enough for specific tasks on the job, such as carrying out assignments involving physical activity.

What is the fitness test

It is the notorious bleep test, which on average takes 3 1/2 minutes and is made up of roughly 35 shuttles between two points of 15 metres. You must achieve level 5.4 to ensure you pass the test, but with each shuttle and level, the speed increases gradullay. It is normally conducted inside a sports hall and generally the whole group completes the test at the same time. This tests your endurance as well as your lung efficiency.

Sounds easy? well it can actually be challenging – after all, police officers need to be fit to do their job well. However, with the right training you’ll give yourself the best chance. 

How to train for the police fitness test

For the bleep test, the best way to practice is by running on a regular basis. Run for 30 minutes in a day, 5 days in a week for a period of over 12 weeks. This will enable you to build up your endurance and fitnees, ensuring you will be prepared for the test.

Other things that will prepare your heart and lungs for the bleep test are general exercise such as cycling, rowing and swimming. However, these activities should be combined with running to prepare your leg running muscles. A general resistance programme should also be undertaken to assistant with your programme.

Tips and strategies for success on the day of your fitness test

We have listed some tips below on how to have a successful day for your Police fitness Test.

It is important to be prepared

Some people leave it until the last minute, hoping they can still get in shape. This doesn’t work, though! It will take time to prepare your body for the test and if you haven’t trained beforehand then trying to do so on the day itself won’t help. Instead of putting yourself under this kind of pressure, it’s much better to prepare your body for the test. You should aim to do some physical exercise on a regular basis before you take the police fitness test. It will help improve your endurance and lung efficiency as well as getting ready for the gruelling bleep test itself. You can then use this time to practice and improve your technique before the day of the test.

You need good training shoes

The fitness test and training can be very demanding on you, so you need to wear appropriate footwear that allows optimal stability and flexibility. You should also make sure they fit properly, as they can help avoid injury or blisters during a tough workout session.

Train in the right way

The bleep test requires you to be fit and ready, so it makes sense that your training for this should build up gradually. You can do intervals on a treadmill or run outside with shorter bursts of faster running followed by slower runs which will help increase endurance over time. This is good preparation for the fitness test as you need to be able to run faster and faster at each shuttle.

On the day of the fitness test

It’s a good idea to arrive early and warm up properly. Stretch out your muscles, including those in your legs, as these will be used most during the bleep test. It’s important that you also try to relax before you start, so taking deep breaths can help prevent anxiety or nerves getting the better of you on this stressful day. If there are other people in the group, it might be a good idea to talk before you start so that everyone is at ease with each other. This will help reduce any feelings of nervousness or anxiety about being watched by others. Ensure you eat breakfast and are hydrated before the test.


The police fitness test can be a gruelling challenge that requires you to be fit and ready for the physical endurance it will require. You should make sure to train in advance, wearing appropriate shoes, while building up your running speed gradually over time. It’s also important to eat breakfast before taking the exam so that you can have enough energy during this challenging event. Remembering all of these tips will give you every opportunity to succeed on the day of your Police Fitness Test!

Tom Brook

Tom Brook

I am a former Police Detective with years of knowledge and experience in investigating serious crimes across Scotland, working with communities and keeping the public safe. I aim to give back to the Policing community with this site!
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