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What Age Can I Join Police Scotland?

There are certain eligibility requirements for joining Police Scotland, one of which is your age. There is no upper limit to joining Police Scotland as a Constable, but remember the retirement age is 60 years old. There is a lower limit of 17.5 years of age to apply to Police Scotland. Though the Police want to ensure you have enough life experience to be able to deal with all sorts of situations or incidents.

What Age Can I Join Police Scotland?

To be able to apply and become a Police Constable in Police Scotland you have to be 17.5 years old, and you must turn 18 before being appointed as a Constable. Although this is still extremely young and it would be recommended to gather life experience from either travelling, working or further education before applying.

Is 40 Too Old To Join Police Scotland?

Whilst 40 years old is young and not too old to join Police Scotland, you have to remember that the job can be physically demanding, stressful and tiring. You also have to keep in mind that the retirement age is 60 years old. But with age comes experience, and this is what Police Scotland wants, life experience.

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Can I Join The Police At 50?

Again, there is no upper age limit, but always remember that the retirement age is 60 years old. If you are fit and want to seek a new challenge to fulfil your career, why not!


You can join the Police at any age, as long as you have passed your 18th birthday. Life experience is key and the Police will always need recruits, so don’t rush into anything. Take your time to go travelling, work a job or learn new skills before applying.

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