How to become a Detective in Scotland

A detective is a rewarding role in Police Scotland, investigating serious crimes across the country and bringing offenders to justice. It is a tough role and requires a high level of problem-solving to solve cases. 

What is the role of a Detective in Police Scotland? 

There are many different roles of a detective In Police Scotland, anything from sexual offences investigation to surveillance officers and counter-terrorism detectives. Here are some of the roles you will undertake;

  • Undertake complex investigations which could involve speaking to witnesses, analysing crime scenes, arresting offenders and following up on leads. 
  • Interviewing suspects and witnesses
  • Collecting evidence, submitting reports to the courts and providing evidence at court
  • Having specialist law knowledge and undertaking protracted enquiries

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How to become a Detective in Scotland?

You have to complete the 2-year probation period before being eligible to apply for the role as a Detective. There is high competition for the role, and you will have to undergo the National Investigators exam to be eligible to become a Detective. You will generally have a year of being a trainee Detective before fully qualifying as a detective; during this year you will gather evidence of your experiences and undertake training courses.

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