Our Police Kit Bag Essentials

Everyone man and woman in uniform, need their trusted police kit bag of essentials. They could be suited and booted and ready to go, but without the right tools, how far will they really get?

Playing an important role in every police officer’s safety and well-being, their kit bag is filled to the brim with trusted tools ranging from their all-important first aid kit to their stash of emergency snacks. 

Often working long shifts into the darkness of the night, the well-being of police officers is key in ensuring that they can protect and serve the community to the best of their ability. 

Today, we explore what exactly goes into their essential kit bags and how it serves them throughout their courageous career.

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What police kit bag essentials to have 

In order for police officers to efficiently perform their roles, it is essential that they are fully equipped with the right tools. You will often find the following items in an officer’s kit bag:

  • Emergency Snacks
  • Hand Sanitiser
  • Power Bank
  • Small Torch 
  • Spare Police Forms
  • Gloves and Woolly Hat
  • Knife Tubes and Evidence Bags
  • Spare Pens
  • Personal First Aid Kit 

Read on to discover how the essentials protect and serve both officers and the community. 

Emergency snacks

Ranking highest in our list of essentials is emergency snacks. 

It is a police officer’s duty to guard and protect the scene of all crimes, and with that responsibility comes long and tiresome hours. Oftentimes, depending on the severity of the crime, police officers can find themselves guarding the scene for the duration of their shift. 

Ensuring that nobody enters the crime scene and contaminates any evidence, it goes without saying those police officers will find themselves in need of replenishment.

Emergency snacks often include bottles of water, soft drinks, coffee sachets, packets of crisps, chocolate, sandwiches, and anything else that they wish to pack. 

Hand sanitiser

Police officers have been worshiping hand sanitiser long before COVID-19 shook the world. 

The role of a police officer frequently entails dealing with members of the public, home visits, emergencies, and serious and minor crimes, and sometimes they are required to handle animals.

Exposed to unwanted germs on a daily basis, hand sanitiser plays an important role in keeping police officers safe and well and reduces the risk of spreading viruses to the public.

Power bank

Since the rise of technology, mobile phones have become an essential element of an officer’s day-to-day role. 

Carrying a power bank ensures that officers can charge their phones and remain connected with their local departments and fellow officers. 

Not only does fully charged equipment ensure the safety of the officer, but it also gives their partners a means to contact them should they find themselves in need of assistance. 

Staying connected and easily accessible plays an important role in protecting officers and the community. 

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Small torch

Whilst the public sleeps, the work of an officer doesn’t stop. Often working long hours well into the night, a quality torch is an essential piece of equipment for every police officer.

Navigating through poorly lit buildings, a torch not only provides a solution for vision but also serves as a safe alternative to searching scenes that pose a dangerous threat by remaining in full control of the situation.

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Spare police forms

Whilst it is standard practice for members of the public to visit their local police station for all enquiries and information requests, there are times when police officers are approached directly on duty. 

Carrying spare police forms ensures the police force is acting compliantly to all requests received from the public.  

Gloves and Woolly hat

A winter essential in the UK, police officers often carry out their duties outdoors. 

From attending car accidents to crime scenes, it is critical that officers stay warm during the strikingly cold hours that they are outdoors. 

Not only do these kit bag essentials provide warmth, but gloves also play an important health and safety role by way of protecting their hands from unwanted injury.

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Knife tubes & Evidence bags

In avoiding cross-contamination, knife tubes and evidence bags provide officers with a safe place for all weapons and items that will be used as evidence. 

Keeping weapons and evidence out of reach is highly important. It is therefore recommended that officers ensure their kit bag is stocked with plenty of spares. 

Spare pens

Often deemed as an office essential, there are many circumstances in which an officer requires a pen to write. 

For example, taking statements from witnesses is one of the many important duties carried out by officers. Whether this is carried out indoors or outdoors, a statement plays an essential role during the prosecution process. 

Therefore, it is essential that officers ensure they have enough spare stationery in order to effectively fulfil their duties. 

Personal first aid kit

It goes without saying that the safety and protection of police officers remain a top priority. 

There are many instances in which a police officer could become injured and require medical attention. Depending on the severity of the injury, a trusted first aid kit forms an essential requirement for any officer’s kit bag. 

Included within the first aid kit bag are items such as bandages, antiseptic wipes, gauze, disposable gloves, scissors, adhesive tape, medical tape, and tweezers. 

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Conclusion: Police patrol bag essentials

Protecting and serving the community could not be achieved without a police kit bag containing essential tools and, of course, trusted snacks. 

Officers work long shifts and often miss out on holiday celebrations such as Christmas and New Year. Without officers, the safety of the public would be jeopardised, and as such, it is important that police officers continue to prioritise their own safety and well-being when attending to their duties. 

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