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Police Chasing Motorcycles Policy

Criminals are using mopeds and motorbikes more than ever, as it can be easier for them to escape through traffic and get away. Recently there has been a lot of recent controversy about whether Police should pursue motorcycles or motorbikes, as there can be a clear risk to the driver, regardless of what crime they have committed.

Though, some Police forces do have policies to pursue motorcycles if it is safe to do so. Though some pursuits have resulted in serious injury or even death. There are a lot of factors which come into play whilst deciding if a pursuit should be declared.

When A pursuit is announced, a Police tactical advisor called a TacAd is appointed and will take into consideration the information they are given by the pursuing driver to make decisions based on the risk whether it is to cancel the pursuit due to the heightened risk to the rider or public, or the use of tactical options like a stinger, to burst the driver’s tyres.

Reasons Why Don’t Police Chase Motorbikes

Police have to decide whether or not they should pursue a motorcycle. This is not an easy decision, as the safety of the motorbike rider shouldn’t be put at risk, no matter what they have done. There are many reasons why Police don’t pursue, and here are a few which could stop a pursuit;

  • Rider not wearing a helmet
  • The rider is a child
  • The motorcycle has a pillion passenger
  • If they are wearing protective clothing
  • If they know the identity of the driver already

Can Police Hit You Off Your Motorcycle?

During a pursuit, the Police can use a tactic called “tactical contact”, which is used to bring a pursuit to the end. This could be used at slow speeds to ensure the risk to the rider isn’t put in danger. It is when the officer uses their car to make contact with the motorcycle to put it off balance and to stop it. View the video below of a tactical contact.

The Metropolitan Police have recently given the green light to highly trained officers to initiate tactical contact to bring a pursuit to the end. This was on the back of a huge rise in moped-enabled crime within London.

No chase Policy

There are no UK forces with a no chase policy for motorcycles or mopeds. All forces have their own policies and guidance for pursuits, and they have to risk assess each situation.

Motorcycles riders with no helmet

Again, each force has its own policies and guidelines for pursuits, and they have to risk assess each situation. When the rider has no helmet, this can increase the risk of the pursuit, which will be taken into consideration.

Tom Brook

Tom Brook

I am a former Police Detective with years of knowledge and experience in investigating serious crimes across Scotland, working with communities and keeping the public safe. I aim to give back to the Policing community with this site!
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