Best Police Multi Tools 2023

Police officers on the frontline never know what they will come across therefore carrying a multi-tool can enable them to be equipped for whatever may happen and could potentially save a life.

Easy to use and durable are important factors to consider when choosing a multi-tool, and these also make good presents! 

Deciding on which multi-tool to get is a big decision as you want to ensure that it features everything you need. It is important to opt for the correct tool as it will be used most days for several years and will have a major impact on the ability of the officer to do their job.

Police officers will feel they are fully equipped for work if they have a multi-tool that can take care of almost every job.

What To Consider When Buying A Police Multi-Tool?

When choosing a police multi-tool, it is important to consider what you need and what you want. There is a wide array of multi-tools available, and although they offer many of the same features, there are some additional features on some of the more complex tools.

The various tools range in price therefore, it is important to consider this and what features you require. Remember that locking blades are illegal in the UK and make sure the blade is under 3 inches, to avoid any issues.

All multi-tools are produced to a high standard however as with everything you get what you pay for therefore it is best not to opt for multi-tool which is too cheap as it may not last. 

When choosing a multi-tool there are several factors that you should take into consideration. As you will be carrying the device as part of your uniform, you will probably want a tool that is lightweight whilst offering all the features that you will require.

You would need to consider what type of jobs you will need the multi-tool for and what features you require to be able to do the jobs. 

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The Best Police multi-tools

1. Leatherman Bond Multi-Tool

Leatherman Bond - Multi-Tool...
138 Reviews
Leatherman Bond – Multi-Tool…
  • New model with a classic design, ideal for collectors or lovers of classic Leatherman multitools. Design inspired by the original PST multitool, created
  • Body and tools made of stainless steel.
  • Comfortable and lightweight size ideal for everyday activities or carry in your pocket.

The Bond is based on Leatherman’s first multi-tool, the PST. It has a simple design and the right tools. With 14 hard-working tools, which include a non-locking 2.9″ 420HC knife blade and more, 

This stainless-steel multi-tool weighs only 5.8 oz, and is legal in the UK. Rounded handles provide a secure grip, making it ideal for first-time users. It also includes a tough nylon sheath.


  1. Easy to Carry: A hole is present in the tool’s body for securely attaching it to any wearable kit.
  2. Lifesaver: This tool probably equips you for real life, from ordinary fixes to emergency situations.
  3. Functional: The BOND consists: 420HC knife, wood/metal file, Awl w/Thread Loop, Phillips screwdriver, large screwdriver, tiny screwdriver, can opener, bottle opener, ruler (1.5 in | 3.8 cm), and wire stripper.


  1. Sacrificing Convenience for Safety: While many of Leatherman’s more recent items have tools available on the outside, the Bond recalls the PST’s design, which included all the devices on the inside. It trades some convenience for a little more security – the tools won’t open up on you when they’re in your hand or pocket.
  2. Resistant when new: When you initially get your Bond, you may sense considerable tension in the tool. What is the best approach to loosen things up? Use it! 
  3. Use the knife with caution: On the other hand, we discovered that the knife had the least resistance to opening. That’s because it’s the tool you’ll be using the most.

2. Gerber Truss Multi-tool

GERBER 1027513 Truss...
334 Reviews
GERBER 1027513 Truss…
  • An evolution of the original Suspension chassis, the Truss includes the benchmark features: all outboard tools, all locking tools, and spring-loaded pliers
  • New features to the Truss include: wire stripper, medium flathead driver, awl, file, and ruler
  • The low-profile sheath can be mounted vertically or horizontally on belt

The Truss is a 17-function multi-tool that is designed to meet the high standards of a professional user while taking up as little space as possible. This full-size multi-tool strives to reduce weight while retaining all capability. The result is a competent multi-tool that fills the gap left by many small tools.


  1. The Truss chassis, a development of the original Suspension chassis, offers the following all the standard features you can think of.
  2. The low-profile sheath can be attached vertically or horizontally to a belt. The handle is made of a single piece of steel, providing more strength in a thinner form.
  3. The needle nose pliers are spring-loaded to reduce hand fatigue for the user.


  1. Some customers seem to have issues with build quality regarding heavy lifting tasks.
  2. The knife could be a bit sharper for flexible tasks.

What is the Best Multi-tool for Police?

Our favourite is the Leatherman Bond, and we think its the one to buy if you need most jobs done at one price. It can be helpful in almost any indoor or outdoor situation and takes the job seriously regarding multi-functionality and build quality. There are numerous alternatives, but the Bond is our favourite.

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